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Summer 2007 The New Socialist Magazine
A Constructed World Chapter 3 : Verification
Inaki Abalos Beauty in the XXI Century
Hans Abbing The autonomous artist still rules the world of culture
Theodor Adorno Resignation
 Culture Industry Reconsidered
Janet Afary The Seductions of Islamism: Revisiting Foucault and the Iranian Revolution
Giorgio Agamben We Refugees
 State of Exception
 Homo Sacer
John Agnew Spatiality and Territoriality in Contemporary Social Science
Stan Allen Practice vs. Project
 Object to Field
 Le Corbusier and Modernist Movement: The Carpenter Center For Visual Arts, Cambridge, MA [1993]
 Mapping the Unmappable: On Notation [1989/1997]
Anne Allison Portable monsters and commodity cuteness: Pokémon as Japan's new global power
Casey Alt Viral Load: The Fantastic Rhetorical Power of the Computer Virus in the Post-9/11 Political Technoscape
 Imagining Black Superpower! Marvel Comics's Black Panther
 The Materialities of Maya: Making Sense of Object-Orientation
Tim Lenoir and Casey Alt Flow, Process, Fold: Intersections in Bioinformatics and Contemporary Architecture (ugly version)
Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt Multitude (excerpt)
 Preface: Life in Common (Multitude)
Craig Anderson Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior, Aggressive Cognition, Aggressive Affect, Physiological Arousal, and Prosocial Behavior
Arjun Appadurai Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy
Hannah Arendt The Human Condition
John Arquilla Cyberwar Is Coming!
Roy Ascott Art and Telematics: towards a network consciousness
Jacques Attali Interview
Aufheben The Language of Retreat
Alain Badiou The Scene of the Two
 What is Love?
Matt Bai Wiring the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy
 Who Lost Ohio?
George Baird "Criticality" and its Discontents
Carol Baker The Subversive Imagination
Paul Baker What is Polari? (excerpt)
Anne Balsamo On the Cutting Edge: Cosmetic Surgery and the Technological Production of the Gendered Body
 The Virtual Body in Cyberspace
Reyner Banham LA: The Structure Behind the Scene
 The Environmentalist
 Klarheit, Ehrlichkeit, Einfachkeit . . . And Wit Too!
Roland Barthes The Death of the Author
 Myth Today
Georges Bataille Eroticism: Death & Sexuality (excerpt - Mysticism & Sensuality)
 Eroticism: Death & Sexuality (excerpt - Mysticism & Sensuality)
Charles Baudelaire The Painter of Modern Life
Jean Baudrillard Disneyworld Company
 Global Debt and Parallel Universe
 Illusion of the End or Strike of Events
 Simulacra and Simulation
 In the Shadow of the Millennium, or the Suspense of the Year 2000
Michael Bauwens Designing Society: Peer 2 Peer
Hans Belting Image, Medium, Body: A New Approach of Iconology
Walter Benjamin The Storyteller
 The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
 Little History of Photography
 The Artist as Producer
 Theses on The Philosophy of History (or On the Concept of History)
Edward Bernays Molding Public Opinion
 Engineering of Consent
Claire Bishop Heightened Perception
 Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics
Maurice Blanchot Death Sentence
Zach Blas Queer Tech Syllabus
Yve-Alain Bois A Picturesque Stroll Around Clara-Clara
Mikkel Bolt Counter-revolutionary Times
 The upper hand - The eviction at the Youth House in Copenhagen
 'What is to be done?' – Approaching the task through Debord and Negri
Pierre Bourdieu The Essence of Neoliberalism
foster Antinomies in Art History
 "Design and Crime"
Bourriaud Postproduction
 Relational Form
 Interview 2001
Nicolas Bourriaud Postproduction
 Relational Form
 Interview 2001
Stan Brakhage Sex/Death, Eisenstein, Etcetera
Gareth Branwyn The Desire to Be Wired
Rodney Brooks Building Brains for Bodies
 Intelligence without representation
Richard Harvey Brown A Semiotics of Selfhood: Personal Identity in Postmodern Society
 Studying Culture in the Global Political Economy
 From Theatre of War to War As Theatre: Some Postmodern Aspects of War
 Global Capitalism, National Sovereignty, and the Decline of Democratic Space
 Political Structure, Status Mobility, and Economic Growth in Imperial and Modern China
 Alternative Modernities: A Cultural Genealogy of Japan's Modernization
Kenneth Bruffee Collaborative Learning and the "Conversation of Mankind"
Jo Bryce Spectacle of the Deathmatch: Character and Narrative in First-Person Shooters
Peter Bull The Mistiming of Applause in Political Speeches
Victor Burgin Situational Aesthetics
Jack Burnham The Future of Responsive Systems in Art
 The Aesthetics of Intelligent Systems
 Systems Esthetics
Jim Burns Arthropods
Vannevar Bush As We May Think
Judith Butler Interview: Gender as Performance
 Explanation and Exoneration, or What We Can Hear
 Bodies That Matter: On the Discursive Limits of Sex (excerpt)
 Bodies That Matter: Introduction
 Gender Is Burning: Questions of Appropriations and Subversion
Rex Butler (and Scott Stephens) Play Fuckin' Loud: Zizek Versus the Left
Andy Cameron Californian Ideology
Elias Canetti Crowds and Transformation in Delirium Tremens
Taylor Carman Merleau-Ponty (CC)
 The Body in Husserl and Merleau-Ponty
Benjamin D. Carson Towards a Postmodern Political Art: Deleuze, Guattari, and the Anti-Culture Book
Manuel Castells Toward a Sociology of the Network Society
 The New Economy: Informationalism, Globalization, Networking
 The Space of Flows
Chris Chesher Colonizing Virtual Reality: Construction of the Discourse of Virtual Reality, 1984-1992
Stuart Cheshire Latency and the Quest for Interactivity
Noam Chomsky Human Nature: Justice versus Power
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun On Software, or the Persistence of Visual Knowledge
 On Software, or the Persistence of Visual Knowledge
Richard Clarida The Science of Monetary Policy: A New Keynsian Perspective
Andy Clark Cyborgs Unplugged
Lynne and Michael Govan Cooke Interview with Richard Serra
Joseph Corn The Home of Tomorrow
James Crabtree The Cult of Manuel Castells
Jonathan Crary Techniques of the Observer
 Eclipse of the Spectacle
 Spectacle, Attention, Counter-Memory
Chris Crawford What is a Game?
Douglas Crimp On the Museum's Ruins
Critical Art Ensemble Utopian Promises - Net Realities
 Nonrational Strategies
 The Technology of Uselessness
 Electronic Civil Disobedience
 Resisting the Bunker
 Slacker Luddites
 Observations on Collective Cultural Action
 Marching Plague: Germ Warfare and Global Public Health
Arthur Danto The Artworld
 A Future for Aesthetics
 From Aesthetics to Art Criticism and Back
Douglas Davies Prophecy: The Art of the Future
Manuel De Landa Policing the Spectrum
Teresa De Lauretis The Technology of Gender
Marquis de Sade Philosophy in the Bedroom
Mitchell Dean Dean Four Theses on the Powers of Life and Death
Tim Dean Art as a Symptom
Guy Debord Comments on Society of the Spectacle
 Society of the Spectacle
Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze November 28, 1947: How Do You Make Yourself a Body without Organs?
Gilles Deleuze Postscript on the Socieities of Control
 Postscript On Control Societies
 Control and Becoming
 Plato and the Simulacrum
 A New Cartographer (Discipline and Punish)
Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari "Introduction: Rhizome"
 1440: The Smooth and the Striated
Jacques Derrida The Future of the Profession or the Unconditional University
 Sendoffs (for the Collège International de Philosophie)
Mario Diani Simmel to Rokkan and Beyond: Towards a Network Theory of (New) Social Movements
Bülen Diken (& Carsten Laustsen) Enjoy your fight! - “Fight Club” as a symptom of the Network Society
Stephan Dillemuth The Academy and the Corporate Public
Sean Dockray and Hugo Hopping Social Studies: A Conversation about Art and Social Engagement
Sean Dockray Kingdom of the Dolls
Mark Dorrian Criticism, negation, action
Johanna Drucker Collaboration without Object(s) in the Early Happenings
Peter Eisenman Unfolding Events
Carl Elliott A New Way to be Mad
Douglas Engelbart Augmenting Human Intellect
Okwui Enwezor The Artist as Producer in Times of Crisis
Charles Esche The possibility forum - institutional change and modest proposals
Robin Evans The Developed Surface [1989]
 Figures, Doors and Passages [1978]
 Translations from Drawing to Building [1986]
 Mies van der Rohe's Paradoxical Symmetries [1990]
 Bentham's Panopticon: An Incident in the Social History of Architecture
Marc Fischer Against Competition
Stanley Fischer Long-Term Contracts, Rational Expectations, and the Optimal Money Supply Rule
Mary Flanagan Mobile Identities, Digital Stars, and Post-Cinematic Selves
 navigating the narrative in space: gender and spatiality in virtual worlds
 Hyperbodies, Hyperknowledge: Women in Games, Women in Cyberpunk, and Strategies of Resistance
Vilém Flusser Towards a Philosophy of Photography
Villem Flusser About the Word Design
foster Antinomies in Art History
 "Design and Crime"
Bourriaud Postproduction
 Relational Form
 Interview 2001
Hal Foster Antinomies in Art History
 "Design and Crime"
Michel Foucault Of Other Spaces
 Nietzsche, Genealogy, History
 Omnes et Singulatim
 The History of Sexuality (excerpt)
 Sex, Power, and the Politics of Identity
 Friendship as a Way of Life
 About the Concept of the "Dangerous Individual" in 19th-Century Legal Psychiatry
 Sex, Power, and the Politics of Identity
Kenneth Frampton The Work of Architecture in the Age of Commodification
Sarah Franklin Postmodern Procreation: A Cultural Account of Assisted Reproduction
Gonzalo Frasca Videogames of the Oppressed: Critical Thinking, Education, Tolerance, and Other Trivial Issues
Andrea Fraser What's Intangible, Transitory, Mediating, Participatory, and Rendered in the Public Sphere?
Sigmund Freud A Note upon the 'Mystic Writing Pad'
Buckminster Fuller Introduction to Expanded Cinema
Alex Galloway Protocol (excerpt)
Alexander Galloway Language Wants To Be Overlooked: On Software and Ideology
 Protocol (article)
Eugene Thacker and Alexander R. Galloway The Exploit (excerpt)
 Protocol, Control, and Networks
Marjorie Garber Spare Parts: The Surgical Construction of Gender
Gilles, Felix Deleuze, Guattari 1440: The Smooth and the Striated
Liam Gillick Response to Claire Bishop
 Denial and Function: A History of Disengagement in Relation to Teaching
 Claiming Contingent Space
Malcolm Gladwell The Coolhunt
David Goldenberg & Lubna Azhar Redundancy
Alberto Gonzales Intellectual Property Act of 2007
Jane Goodall Whose Body? Ethics and Experiment in Art
Dan Graham Sound Is Material
Tim Griffin In conversation: Daniel Buren & Olafur Eliasson
Félix Guattari Regimes, Pathways, Subjects
Felix Guattari Pragmatic/Machinic
 The new aesthetic paradigm
 On the Production of Subjectivity
Hans Haacke Symbolic Capital Management or what to do with the Good, the True, and the Beautiful
Judith Halberstam "Introduction: Posthuman Bodies"
 Automating Gender: Postmodern Feminism in the Age of the Intelligent Machine
Stuart Hall Encoding/decoding
Don Handelman Preface to Models and Mirrors
Mark Hansen Introduction to Framing the Digital Image
 bodies in code, or how primordial tactility introjects technics into human life
 Media Theory
Donna Haraway A Cyborg Manifesto
Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt Multitude (excerpt)
 Preface: Life in Common (Multitude)
Michael Hardt Common Property
 Conversation with Michael Hardt
 The Folly of Our Masters of the Universe
David Harvey Megacities Lecture 4
 From fordism to flexible accululation
 Theorizing the Transition
Katherine Hayles Retrospective Lecture
 Connecting the Quantum Dots: Nanotechscience and Culture
 Intermediation: Textuality and the Regime of Computation
 Narrating Bits: Encounters between Humans and Intelligent Machines
 Print is Flat, Code is Deep: The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis
 Translating Media: Why We Should Rethink Textuality
 Unfinished Work: From Cyborg to Cognisphere
 The Power of Simulation: What Virtual Creatures Can Teach Us
K. Michael Hays Critical Architecture: Between Culture and Form
Charles Heckscher Defining the Post-Bureaucratic Type
Emma Hedditch Stay Away, Don't Stay Away
Martin Heidegger The Question Concerning Technology
Paul Helliwell Exodus
Carol Helsotsky Recipe for the Nation: Reading Italian History Through La Scienza in Cucina and La Cucina Futurista
Claudia Herbst Shock and Awe: Virtual Females and the Sexing of War
 Then and Now: Gender, Code, and Literacy
J.C. Herz Having a Wonderful Time ... Wish I Were Here
 Sim Society
 Why Doom Rules
John Heskett What Is Design
David Hickey On not being governed
Dick Higgins Statement on Intermedia
Brian Holmes Liar's Poker
 The Artistic Device, or, the Articulation of Collective Speech
 Continental Drift: Activist Research, From Geopolitics to Geopoetics
 The Flexible Personality: For a New Cultural Critique
Douglas B. Holt Distinction in America? Recovering Bourdieu's theory of tastes from its critics
 Poststructural Lifestyle Analysis: Conceptualizing the Social Patterning of Consumption in Postmodernity
 Why Do Brands Cause Trouble? A Dialectical Theory of Consumer Culture and Branding
Michel Houellebecq H.P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life
Victor Hugo This Will Kill That
Will Hurst Koolhaas, Foster clash over ‘similar’ designs
Pierre Huyghe Conversation with Doug Aitken
Don Ihde Bodies, Virtual Bodies and Technology
Ivan Illich Deschooling Society
Luce Irigaray Sexual Difference
 The "Mechanics" of Fluids
Jakob Jakobsen Notes on institutions, anti-institutions and self-institutions
 There is no alternative: THE FUTURE IS SELF-ORGANISED
 A new table, which might not be understood as clean in modern terms
Fredric Jameson Postmodernism (excerpt)
 Theories of the Postmodern
Charles Jencks Post-Modernism and Discontinuity
Leland H. Jenks Railroads as an Economic Force in American Development
Ameila Jones Self/Image (excerpt)
 Self/Image (excerpt)
Linda S. Kauffman Contemporary Art Exhibitionists (from Bad Girls and Sick Boys: Fantasies in Contemporary Art and Culture)
Alan Kay User Interface: A Personal View
Andrew Keen The Anti Web 2.0 Manifesto
Douglas Kellner Ernst Bloch, Utopia and Ideology Critique
Mary Kelly Psychoanalysis and the Field of Vision
Grant Kester The world he has lost -Dave Hickey's beauty treatment
 Chip Berlet Tracks Computer Networks of the Religious Right
 Autonomy, Agonism, and Activist Art: An Interview with Grant Kester, by Mick Wilson
Sojin Kim Curiously Familiar: Art and Curio Stores in Los Angeles' Chinatown
Friedrich Kittler Protected Mode
 The History of Communication Media
 There Is No Software
Norman Klein WHICH WAY OUT? Updating and Downloading Our Crisis
Alexander Kluge On Film and the Public Sphere
Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt The Public Sphere and Experience: Selections
 Public Service Television
Rem Koolhaas JUNKSPACE
Rosalind Krauss Sculpture in the Expanded Field
Janet Kraynak Dependent Participation: Bruce Nauman's Environments
Julia Kristeva Powers of Horror; An Essay on Abjection
Miwon Kwon One Place After Another: Notes on Site Specificity
 One Place After Another (excerpt)
Jacques Lacan The Mirror Stage
Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau Beyond the Positivity of the Social: Antagonisms and Hegemony
 Hegemony and Radical Democracy
Ernesto Laclau Why do Empty Signifiers Matter to Politics?
 Community and Its Paradoxes: Richard Rorty's 'Liberal Utopias'
 Deconstruction, Pragmatism, Hegemony
Martti Lahti As We Become Machines: Corporealized Pressures in Video Games
Christopher Langton Artificial Life
Paul Lansky The Importance of Being Digital
Niklaus Largier In Praise of the Whip (Excerpt - Introduction)
 In Praise of the Whip (Excerpt - Epilogue)
 In Praise of the Whip (Excerpt - Chapter 8)
Bruno Latour Why Has Critique Run Out of Steam?
 Why Has Critique Run out of Steam?
Bulent Diken and Carsten B. Laustsen Culture of Exception: Sociology Facing the Camp (excerpt)
Leonard Lawlor The End Of Phenomenology
Gustave Le Bon The Psychology of Revolution
 The Crowd
Gerald Stanley Lee Crowds: A Moving-Picture of Democracy
Sha Xin Wei and Tim Lenoir Authorship and Surgery: The Shifting Ontology of the Virtual Surgeon
Tim Lenoir All but War Is Simulation: The Military-Entertainment Complex
 Programming Theaters of War: Gamemakers As Soldiers
Thomas Levin Before the Beep
Diane Kinishi and G. Robert Lewis The Learning Exchange
Alphonso Lingis We Mortals
Lucy Lippard Preface/ Postface to Six Years
Geert Lovink The ABC of Tactical Media
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Alien Relationships From Public Space
Edward N Luttwak Give War a Chance
Greg Lynn Multiplicitous and inorganic bodies
Jean-François Lyotard Answering the Question: What is Postmodernism?
Charles Mackay Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
Adrian Mackenzie The Performativity of Code: Software and Cultures of Circulation
 The Performativity of Code
Ernest Mandel An Introducion to Marxist Economic Theory
N. Gregory Mankiw Disagreement about Inflation Expectations
 Pervasive Stickiness (Expanded Version)
 Sticky Information: A Model of Monetary Nonneutrality and Structural Slumps
 Government Debt (Chapter 25 from Handbook of Economics)
Lev Manovich 5 principles of new media (excerpt)
Herbert Marcuse Art as a Form of Reality
Laura U. Marks Video's Body, Analog and Digital
Anne Marsh Bad Futures: Performing the Obsolete Body
Reinhold Martin Architecture's Image Problem: Have We Ever Been Postmodern?
 Architecture at War: A Report from Downtown
 Toward a Utopian Realism
Brian Massumi Stelarc: The Evolutionary Alchemy of Reason
 Parables For The Virtual (excerpt - The Bleed)
Achille Mbembe Necropolitics
Jane McFadden Toward Site
Marshall McLuhan Games
 "The Medium is the Message"
Clark McPhail Collective Locomotion as Collective Behavior
 Prologue to The Myth of the Maddening Crowd
Maurice Merleau-Ponty The Intertwining-The Chiasm
 The Intertwining, The Chiasm
Colin Milburn Nanotechnology in the Age of Posthuman Engineering: Science Fiction as Science
 Nano/Splatter: Disintegrating the Postbiological Body
Mark Crispin Miller 2001: A Cold Descent
David Moos Memories of Being: Orlan's Theater of the Self
Kathryn Pauly Morgan Women and the Knife: Cosmetic Surgery and the Colonization of Women's Bodies
Chantal Mouffe Politics and Passions
 Toward an Agonistic Public Sphere
 For An Agonistic Model of Democracy
 On The Political (excerpt - Ch 1 & 2)
Benito Mussolini What is Fascism?
Jean-Luc Nancy The Technique of the Present
Eduardo Navas The Latency of the Moving Image in New Media
Jeffrey Nealon Empire of the Intensities
Antonio Negri N for Negri
Antonio Negri and Paolo Virno Public Sphere, labour, multitude
Nicholas Negroponte Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines
Donald Nicholson-Smith Why Art Can't Kill the Situationist International
Martha C. Nussbaum Professor of Parody: The hip defeatism of Judith Butler
David Owen The Anti-Gravity Men
Victor Papanek What Is Design
Jussi Parikka Digital Contagions (excerpt)
Gordon Pask Heinz von Foerster's Self-Organization, the Progenitor of Conversation and Interaction Theories
Ken Perlin Can There Be a Form between a Game and a Story?
Rosalind Pollack Petschesky The Body as Property: A Feminist Re-vision
Joseph Pine Welcome to the Experience Economy
Daniel Pink The MFA Is The New MBA
Sadie Plant Zeros and Ones (excerpt)
Christine Poggi Futurism and the Crowd
Robin Pogrebin I'm the Designer. My Client's the Autocrat.
Cindy Poremba Against Embedded Agency: Subversion and Emergence in GTA3
Office of Presidential Advance Presidential Advance Manual
Seth Price Dispersion
for the New American Century Project (The) Rebuilding America's Defenses
John Protevi Coursework Materials on Deleuze and Guattari
Jasbir Puar Terrorist Assemblages (excerpt)
Thomas Pynchon Is it OK to be a Luddite?
 A Journey into the Mind of Watts
 Nearer, My Couch, To Thee
Paul Rabinow Artificiality and Enlightenment: From Sociobiology to Biosociality
Jacques Rancière Who is the Subject of the Rights of Man?
 The Emancipated Spectator
 On Art and Work
 Glossary of Technical Terms
 The Aesthetic Revolution
 The Ignorant Schoolmaster: Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation
 The Politics of Aesthetics / The Aesthetics of Politics
 Aesthetics and Politics: Rethinking the Link
 The Rationality of Disagreement
Jason Read The Antagonistic Ground of Constitutive Power
Lane Relyea Your Art World, Or, the Limits of Connectivity
Stephen Resnick Dialectics and Class in Marxian Economics
David Rokeby The Construction of Experience
Richard Rorty Response to Ernesto Laclau
Barbara Rose Is It Art? Orlan and the Transgressive Act
Joyce Rothschild Creating a Just and Democratic Workplace: More Engagement, Less Hierarchy
Joyce Rothschild-Whitt The Collectivist Organization: An Alternative to Rational-Bureaucratic Models
Brian Rotman Corporeal or Gesturo-haptic Writing
Joan Roughgarden Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People
Luigi Russolo The Art of Noise
Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch Venus In Furs (part 1)
 Venus In Furs (part 2)
 Venus In Furs (part 3)
Warren Sack Aesthetics of Information Visualization
William Safire The Best Defense
Edward Said Thoughts About America
Murray Sayle The attacks on America are a dire climax in the history of made-for-television terrorism.
Wolfgang Schivelbusch Railroad Space and Railroad Time
Florian Schneider Collaboration - 7 Notes on New Ways of Learning and Working Together
Will Self Scale
Gordon H. Sellon Jr. Monetary Policy Without Reserve Requirements: Case Studies and Options for the United States
Michel Serres Theory of the Quasi-Object
Steven Shaviro Conclusion to The Cinematic Body
Richard Shusterman The End of Aesthetic Experience
 Self-Knowledge and Its Discontents
Georg Simmel The Metropolis and Modern Life
Bart Simon Introduction: Toward a Critique of Posthuman Futures
Eivind Slettemeas Introduction to Art-as-Research
Daniel W. Smith Deleuze on Bacon: Three Conceptual Trajectories in The Logic of Sensation
Sam Smith Rabble-rousing
Robert Smithson Entropy Made Visible
 Entropy And The New Monuments
 A Provisional Theory of Non-Sites
Vivian Sobchack The Scene of the Screen: Envisioning Photographic, Cinematic, and Electronic "Presence"
Zoë Sofia Virtual Corporealilty: A Feminist View
Robert M. Solow A contribution to the theory of economic growth
Robert (R.E.) Somol All Systems GO!: The Terminal Nature of Contemporary Urbanism
Robert Somol (and Sarah Whiting) Notes around the Doppler Effect and other Moods of Modernism
Susan Sontag Notes on "Camp" [1964]
Michael Speaks Design Intelligence and the New Economy
Constance A. Steinkuehler The New Third Place: Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming in American Youth Culture
Kathleen Stewart Nostalgia: A Polemic
Joseph Stiglitz Dealing with Debt: How to Reform the Global Financial System
 A Modest Proposal for International Monetary Reform
Kristine Stiles Never Enough Is Something Else: Feminist Performance Art, Avant-Gardes, and Probity
Allucquère Rosanne Stone Will the Real Body Please Stand Up?
Manfredo Tafuri The Historical Project
 Operative Criticism
Michael Taussig Physiognomic Aspects of Visual Worlds
John B. Taylor Staggered Wage Setting in a Macro Model
 Aggregate Dynamic andStaggered Contracts
Laurie N. Taylor From Stompin' Mushrooms to Bustin' Heads: Grand Theft Auto III as Paradigm Shift
Georges Teyssot Heterotopias and the History of Spaces
Eugene Thacker Wet Data: Biochips and BioMEMS
 What Is Biomedia?
 Data Made Flesh: Biotechnology and the Discourse of the Posthuman
Guy Theraulaz The formation of spatial patterns in social insects: from simple behaviours to complex structures
Nato Thompson Contributions to a Resistant Visual Culture Glossary
Trimble Co Lassen IQ GPS module manual
Leon Trotsky The Social Roots and the Social Function of Literature
Bernard Tschumi Sequences
Sherry Turkle Video Games and Holding Power
The United States Department of Justice In the Matter of Broadband Industry Practices
Henry Urbach Writing Architectural Heterotopias
José van Dijck Bodies without borders: The endoscopic gaze
Roemer Van Toorn Fresh Conservatism - Landscapes of Normality
Francisco J. Varela The Reenchantment of the Concrete
Gianni Vattimo From Utopia to Heterotopia
Dziga Vertov The Birth of Kino-Eye
 We: Variant of a Manifesto
Jan Verwoert Lessons in Modesty - The Open Academy: A Model
Anthony Vidler Histories of the Immediate Present: Inventing Architectural Modernism
Anton Vidokle Exhibition as School in a Divided City
Paul Virilio The Vision Machine
Paolo Virno One and Many
 Ten Theses on the Multitude and Post-Fordist Capitalism
Richard Wagner The Art-Work of the Future
Catherine Waldby Posthuman Spectacle
 Virtual Anatomy: From the Body in the Text to the Body on the Screen
David Foster Wallace E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction
Immanuel Wallerstein The Eagle Has Crash Landed
 New Revolts Against the System
Adrian Ward & Geoff Cox The Authorship of Generative Art
McKenzie Wark Excerpt from A Hacker Manifesto
Grant Watson Response to Claire Bishop's paper on Relational Aesthetics
Samuel Weber Target of Opportunity: Networks, Netwars, and Narrative
John Welchman On the Discourse of Abstraction
David E. Wellbery Post-Hermeneutic Criticism: Foreword to Discourse Networks
Bernadette Wgenstein The Medium is Body
Ed White The Value of Conspiracy Theory
Mitchell Whitelaw Art Against Information: Case Studies in Data Practice
Mark Wigley Recycling Recycling
 Lost in Space
 Whatever Happened to Total Design?
 Network Fever
Fabian Winkler Dielectric
Nicholas Gane and Geoffrey Winthrop-Young Friedrich Kittler: An Introduction
Jay Wiseman SM101 (excerpt)
 SM101 (excerpt)
Peter Wollen Situationists and Architecture
Various Writers Physics of the Rhythmic Applause
 Hatred of Capitalism - A Reader
Gene Youngblood Expanded Cinema
Rainer Zimmermann The Philosophy of Ernst Bloch
Slavoj Zizek Cynicism as a Form of Ideology
 The Ongoing Soft Revolution
 Human Rights and Its Discontents
 History Against Historicism
 The Iraqi MacGuffin
 What Is To be Done (with Lenin)?
 The Prospects of Radical Politics Today
 The Two Totalitarianisms
 Cyberspace, Or, The Unbearable Closure of Being
 Censorship Today: Violence, or Ecology as a New Opium for the Masses
Janet Zweig Ars Combinatoria